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  China to build 5,000 internship bases for youths

China is to build up to 5,000 "bases" in 2009 to provide internship positions for the young to better prepare them for the job market as it feels pain amid the global financial crisis.

The Chinese Communist Youth League, a government body for work related to the young, will coordinate in recruiting qualified companies and individuals, the League said on Monday.

The youth leagues at municipal or provincial levels will select suitable companies to form the "bases", businesses or sets of businesses which will be able to provide positions for at least 10 interns each year with basic living allowances.

Qualified candidates for the intern positions are job-hunting fresh university or vocational school graduates, those who have failed to find a job since graduation, young laid-off workers, and young migrant workers.

The first group of nearly 2,000 such bases are already selected and made public, offering about 60,000 positions in the industries of finance, publishing, telecommunications, manufacturing and transportation.

The aim of this move is to ease the employment pressure and achieve a win-win situation between the companies and the youths, according to the Youth League.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said on January 20 that there would be 7.1 million college graduates seeking vacancies this year, including 1 million of those having failed to secure jobs last year.

The ministry also said, as of the end of 2008, there were 8.86 million urban residents registered as jobless, 560,000 more than the end of the third quarter.

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